STERIS Life Sciences is your trusted partner in contamination control. For over 100 years, STERIS has been a global leader and expert in the industries of sterilization, cleaning and infection control.

STERIS Life Sciences acquired Marcor & Crosstex products : MINNCARE ™Cold Sterilant , MINNCARE ™ Test Strips, ACTRIL ™ Cold Sterilant , MINNCARE™DRY FOG™ , MINNCARE™ Mini DRY FOG™ System, Biological Indicators , MINNCLEAN™ Membrane Cleaners .

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Chemical & Biological Sterility Indicators

Chemical & Biological sterility indicators for H2O2, Dry Heat, Irradiation & Formaldehyde.

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The Minncare Dry Fog system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for clean room and critical area fogging. The combination of our highly effective Minncare cold sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog delivery system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapor to even the most complex areas.

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Minncare Sterilant is a peracetic acid solution developed for use on reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and their associated distribution systems.

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Detergents and Cleaners

STERIS pharmaceutical detergents are designed for your most difficult cleaning challenges. They employ multiple cleaning mechanisms such as wetting, solubility, dispersion, emulsification, hydrolysis and oxidation which work together to penetrate, dissolve and rinse away process residues,  supported by leading technical support staff & extensive documentation package to help facilitate cleaning validation.

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