For more than 25 years IWT S.r.l., a company of the Tecniplast Group, has specialized in the design, development, industrialization and installation of extraordinary performing automated cleaning equipment.

Our comprehensive solutions include FULL cGMP products contact part washers, as well as high pressure washing systems either for bulk containers in cleaning-in-place applications or cabins for bulk parts and containers cleaning-out-of-place.

IWT cleaning systems are developed in compliance with international guidelines and standards, while the mandatory validation process ensures the unit exceeds user’s requirement specifications. Proper engineering with a perfect blend of performance, timing and cost, combined with a comprehensive set of services, allow us to deliver safe, repeatable and reliable cleaning results.

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CIP Mobile High Pressure Washer

The ideal washing system for the product contact parts of any pharmaceutical IBC, drum, preparation tank and bulk container in general, Suitable for a wide range of applications (CIP and COP) , Up to 70 Bar for great water mechanical action and quick cycles Only 40 l/min water flow for reduced water and chemical consumptions .

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IWT GMP part washers for proven cleaning of pharmaceutical product contact parts to minimize downtime of production lines, to eliminate any possible cross-contamination between batches and to comply the most stringent acceptance criteria as stated in the cleaning validation protocols.

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Tailored Loading Baskets

Deep and accurate clean/dry of each and every corner/cavity of the processed parts granted by multiple dedicated spraying orifices Designed around customer’s needs to grant perfect cleaning results, Suitable to accommodate parts from different processing equipment, Easy and quick loading thanks to intuitive 1 to 1 positioning of every item, Full coverage and drainability with precise flushing of the smallest and hidden areas, Made in AISI 316L (1.4404) with ASME-BPE fully welded piping

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